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Indulge Spring Sale (Request an Invite)

Mother’s Day coming! Join us and friends of Temari at Ann Asakura's Spring Season Indulge Sale! This private event features a hand selected mix of seasoned crafters, in a fun and intimate sale.

Momo Terrascapes
Handcrafted succulent and air plant arrangements.

Ann Asakura
Neck pieces and pieced work textiles.

Merle Grybowski
Asian-themed gift tags and comfortable seatbelt wraps.

Esther Nowell (age: 98+)
Whimsical clay figures and watercolors.

asa Necklace Exchange
Bring in your old one and pick out a new one from the Exchange Selection.

Laurie Wong
Totes with portable “Hopping Pockets”

Dawn Chang & Merle Grybowski
Things Kyoto: Refined and delicate objects.

Jake Wroten
Ceramic creatures with attitude.


Interested in attending?

Space is limited. Request an invite here!